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Audio: 3.5mm Female audio connector to two 3.5mm Male audio connectors. Useful for connecting headset with combined Audio & Mic to computer. $10.00 1
1394 Firewire: 1394 Firewire adapter 4 pin female to 6 pin male $10.00 1
ATX: 20 pin female to 24 pin male connector $10.00 1
ATX: 24 pin female to 20 pin male connector $10.00 3
ATX: ATX extension cable, 24 pin, Male / Female $14.00 1
ATX: Convert ATX power supply to AT style power supply. Adapter includes 6 pin P8 connector & 6 pin P9 6pin, and, power button connector. $18.00 2
Audio: 3.5mm 6" splitter (for hooking up speakers & headset simultaneously) Note: Doesn't work for converting 1 Mic/Speaker jack into two separate jacks. $5.00 1
Audio: 3.5mm Male to dual RCA female adapter. Useful to connect computer audio device to output sound to reciever / television. $8.00 1
CPU Bracket:Zalman ZM-CS4A, Socket 775 to I7(aka socket 1366) socket mainboard mount adapter. used for enabling the mounting of aftermarket coolers for the 775 skt onto 1366skt mainboards, specifically zalman CNPS9700/9500 series cpu coolers. $10.00 1
DisplayPort: DisplayPort (male) to DVI (female) Passive. Does not support Eyefinity technology. $19.00 1
DisplayPort: DisplayPort (male) to DVI (female). Active. Supports Eyefinity, add a 3rd monitor to supported video cards. $30.00 1
DisplayPort: DisplayPort (male) to HDMI (female). Active. DisplayPort 1.4a interface, supports Eyefinity, add a 3rd monitor to supported video cards. Video resolution up to 4Kx2K (4096x2160@60 Hz). Note: Not bi-directional. $29.00 1
DisplayPort: DisplayPort (male) to VGA. Active. Supports Eyefinity, add a 3rd monitor to supported video cards. Supports up to 1080p resolution. $29.00 2
DisplayPort: DisplayPort male to HDMI female converter. Passive, does not support Eyefinity technology. $19.00 0
DisplayPort: Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt / Mini DP) (found on Laptops / Apple) to HDMI (female). Display computer image to HDMI television with audio. Supports resolutions up to 1080p. Compliant with Mini DisplayPort 1.2. $19.00 1
DisplayPort: Mini-DisplayPort male) to VGA (female) 6" adapter. Thunderbolt Compatible. VGA:480i/480p,576p,720p,1080i/1080p, 1920*1200@60Hz $20.00 1
DVI: DVI (male) to VGA (female) Active Converter. Use this converter to connect a DVI-D digital video source to an analog D-Sub cable. Maximum resolution - 1920 x 1200. $29.00 2
DVI: DVI Female to HDMI Male converter $12.00 1
DVI: DVI female to SVGA male converter $9.00 1
DVI: DVI Male to HDMI Female converter, Bi-directional. $10.00 1
DVI: DVI Male to HDMI Male converter $14.00 2
DVI: MiniDVI to HDMI for Apple Computers, 7.9" long. $19.00 1
Gender changer: DB15, 15 pin Female to Female $5.00 1
Gender changer: DB15, 15 pin Male to Male $5.00 3
Gender changer: DB9 pin Female to Female $8.00 1
Gender changer: DB9 pin Male to Male $5.00 1
HDMI: 90 Degree angled Male to Female adapter, supports 3D & 4K $5.00 3
HDMI: Micro HDMI Female to VGA Female & HDMI Female. Has 3.5mm audio jack. Active converter. Note: Can only use VGA or HDMI at one time, not both. May require additional power using separate USB cable, not included. $35.00 1
HDMI: Mini HDMI (male) to HDMI (female) adapter. $12.00 1
HDMI: HDMI (male) to VGA. Active. HDMI plugs into computer & VGA plugs into monitor cable. Not compatible with Apple Mac and iOS devices, SONY PS3/PS4, or Blu-ray players. Supports up to 1080p resolution. $20.00 4
HDMI: HDMI Female to HDMI Female $10.00 10
IDE: Connect an IDE drive to a SATA connector on the motherboard, or, connect a SATA drive to an IDE connector on the motherboard. Note - set IDE drive to Master when connecting an IDE device to a SATA connector on the motherboard. Limits One SATA device to One IDE connector on a motherboard. $18.00 2
MOLEX: Molex 4 pin (Female) connector to One SATA male & One Molex male power connectors. $9.00 3
MOLEX: Molex 4 pin (Female) connector to Two SATA male power connectors. Useful where a power supply doesn't have any SATA connectors. $8.00 4
MOLEX: Power adapter, 4 pin Female Molex connector to SATA male power connector. $5.00 4
Notebook: 2.5" hard drive to standard 3.5" IDE Hard Drive adpater and hard drive mounting rails $12.00 1
PCI-x: Power adapter to convert 6 pin Video from power supply to 6+2 pin (male) power for certain video cards. 5" long. $10.00 0
PCI-x: Power adapter to convert Dual 4 pin Molex from power supply to 8 or 6 pin power for certain video cards. $8.00 2
Power: 4 pin female to 8 pin male power adapter. Convert 4 pin power supply connector to 8 pin motherboard power connector. $9.00 0
Power: 4 pin Molex & 4 Pin ATX power to 8 pin male ATX power adapter. Convert old style power supply using Molex & 4 pin to connect to 8 pin motherboard power connector. $15.00 1
Power: 8 pin Male to 8 pin Female power extension cable. Extend 8 pin power connector from power supply. 12" length $9.00 2
PS2: 9 pin Serial (male) to PS2 (male) adapter for non-Microsoft mice. $3.00 3
PS2: USB female to PS/2 male Adapter $5.00 1
SATA: 10" Extension, Male to Female. $12.00 1
SATA: Power & Data Male combo connector to Power & Data, 12". Female to Female connector. $15.00 1
SATA: Micro SATA to SATA adapter with Power. Connect SATA 1.8" micro hard drive to regular SATA connector. $15.00 2
SATA: Power & Data Male combo connector to Power & Data Female connector, 12". Useful to extend data & power outside of a case. $15.00 1
SATA: SATA angled power splitter. Connect one end to a SATA connector on the power supply which allows two 45 degree angled connectors to plug in a hard drive or optical drive. 16" long. $14.00 2
SATA: SATA Female to 4 pin Molex male adapter $9.00 0
SATA: SATA Male splits into one SATA Female & one 4 pin molex Male connector. $12.00 1
SATA: SATA Male to Dual Molex Male Converter. Useful to convert a SATA connector on a power supply to provide two 4pin Molex connectors for IDE devices. $10.00 2
SATA: SATA to Micro SATA, 20" cable, includes 4 pin molex to provide power. Used to connect a Micro SATA device like a 1.8" Hard Drive to a full-size SATA connector on mainboard. $15.00 2
SATA: SATA to Slim SATA. Useful to connect a SATA laptop optical drive to a standard SATA data & SATA power. 6" long. $15.00 0
SATA: Slim SATA to SATA, includes power. Useful to connect a SATA laptop optical drive to a standard SATA data & 4 pin molex power connector. 12" long. $15.00 2
Serial: 25 Pin Female Serial adapter to 9 Pin Male. $10.00 2
Serial: 9 pin Serial (m) to 10 Pin motherboard header, 16" cable $12.00 1
SLI: Bridge two video cards (for NVIDIA supported graphics cards) in SLI mode. $10.00 3
Splitter: 4 Pin Fan Splitter Cable, 6" long. Allows splitting a 3 or 4 pin power connector to hook up to three fans. $10.00 2
Splitter: 4 Pin PWM Fan Splitter Hub, Allows connecting up to four fans off one motherboard fan connector. $15.00 1
Splitter: 5.25 female to two 5.25 male power connectors $5.00 1
Splitter: Serial ATA power splitter, split ONE SATA power connector into TWO SATA power connectors $10.00 2
S-Video: Svideo female to RCA male adapter $10.00 3
S-Video: Svideo male to RCA female adapter $12.00 3
Toslink: Digital Audio Coupler. Allows connecting two TOSLINK cables. $8.00 1
VGA: Split one VGA (male) signal to two VGA (female) monitors. Useful to show exact same image on two monitors. 1 Ft in length. $18.00 1
VGA: This converter cable that will convert a VGA computer display signal into a composite (Yellow RCA) and/or S-video TV display signal. May not work with all computers as video on computer must support TV output. $15.00 1
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