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Audio | 1394 Firewire | ATX | Audio | CPU Bracket | DisplayPort | DVI | Gender changer | HDMI | IDE | MOLEX | mSATA | Notebook | PCI-x | Power | PS2 | SATA | Serial | SLI | Splitter | S-Video | Toslink | VGA
Audio: 3.5mm Female audio connector to two 3.5mm Male audio connectors. Useful for connecting headset with combined Audio & Mic to computer. $10.00 2
1394 Firewire: 1394 Firewire adapter 4 pin female to 6 pin male $10.00 1
3 pin to 4 pin (Molex) fan adapter $6.00 3
ATX: 20 pin ATX (female) to 24 pin Micro-ATX (male) adapter. Note - Micro-ATX connectors are used on certain small form factor computers like an HP mini computer. $14.00 0
ATX: 20 pin female to 24 pin male connector $10.00 1
ATX: 24 pin female to 20 pin male connector $10.00 4
ATX: ATX extension cable, 24 pin, Male / Female $12.00 1
ATX: Convert ATX power supply to AT style power supply. Adapter includes 6 pin P8 connector & 6 pin P9 6pin, and, power button connector. $18.00 2
ATX: Converts 24pin ATX power supply to 14 pin motherboard connector for Lenovo motherboards. $18.00 0
Audio: 3.5mm 6" splitter (for hooking up speakers & headset simultaneously) $5.00 3
Audio: 3.5mm Male to dual RCA female adapter. Useful to connect computer audio device to output sound to reciever / television. $8.00 2
CPU Bracket:Zalman ZM-CS4A, Socket 775 to I7(aka socket 1366) socket mainboard mount adapter. used for enabling the mounting of aftermarket coolers for the 775 skt onto 1366skt mainboards, specifically zalman CNPS9700/9500 series cpu coolers. $10.00 1
DisplayPort: DisplayPort (male) to DVI (female) Passive. Does not support Eyefinity technology. $19.00 1
DisplayPort: DisplayPort (male) to DVI (female). Active. Supports Eyefinity, add a 3rd monitor to supported video cards. $39.00 1
DisplayPort: DisplayPort (male) to HDMI (female). Active. Supports Eyefinity, add a 3rd monitor to supported video cards. $29.00 1
DisplayPort: DisplayPort (male) to VGA. Active. Supports Eyefinity, add a 3rd monitor to supported video cards. Supports up to 1080p resolution. $29.00 1
DisplayPort: DisplayPort male to HDMI female converter. Passive, does not support Eyefinity technology. $19.00 0
DisplayPort: Mini DisplayPort (found on Laptops / Apple) to HDMI (female). Display computer image to HDMI television with audio. Supports resolutions up to 1080p. Compliant with Mini DisplayPort 1.2. $19.00 1
DisplayPort: Mini-DisplayPort (female) to DisplayPort (male) 6" adapter, Passive $20.00 0
DVI: DVI (male) to VGA (female) Active Converter. Use this converter to connect a DVI-D digital video source to an analog D-Sub cable. Maximum resolution - 1920 x 1200. $29.00 1
DVI: DVI Female to HDMI Male converter $12.00 1
DVI: DVI female to SVGA male converter $9.00 2
DVI: DVI Male to HDMI Female converter $12.00 1
DVI: DVI Male to HDMI Male converter $14.00 2
DVI: MiniDVI to HDMI for Apple Computers, 7.9" long. $19.00 1
DVI: MiniDVI to VGA (Female) for certain Apple Computers, 5" long. $18.00 0
DVI: Splitter - DVI Male splits to 1 DVI Female & 1 HDMI Female $18.00 0
Gender changer: DB15, 15 pin Female to Female $5.00 2
Gender changer: DB15, 15 pin Male to Male $5.00 2
Gender changer: DB25, 25 pin Female to Female $5.00 0
Gender changer: DB25, 25 pin Male to Male $5.00 0
Gender changer: DB9 pin Female to Female $8.00 1
Gender changer: DB9 pin Male to Male $5.00 5
HDMI: HDMI male to VGA female converter. May require USB power for digital to analog conversion if signal not recognized (USB Cable is included). 3.5mm Audio port $25.00 1
HDMI: Micro HDMI Female to VGA Female, comes with 3ft USB Power Cable. Supports Kindle Fire HD (not 7" and HDX), Samsung Galaxy S5 and other devices with Micro HDMI output. Video only, doesn't support audio. $30.00 1
HDMI: Mini HDMI (male) to HDMI (female) adapter. $12.00 1
HDMI: HDMI Female to HDMI Female $10.00 2
IDE: Connect an IDE drive to a SATA connector on the motherboard, or, connect a SATA drive to an IDE connector on the motherboard. Note - set IDE drive to Master when connecting an IDE device to a SATA connector on the motherboard. Limits One SATA device to One IDE connector on a motherboard. $18.00 1
MOLEX: Molex 4 pin (Female) connector to One SATA male & One Molex male power connectors. $9.00 2
MOLEX: Molex 4 pin (Female) connector to Two SATA male power connectors. Useful where a power supply doesn't have any SATA connectors. $9.00 3
MOLEX: Power adapter, 4 pin Female Molex connector to SATA male power connector. $5.00 0
mSATA: Convert mSATA to SATA 2.5" SATA drive. Not compatible with PCI-E based B key & any M key SSD. $29.00 0
Notebook: 2.5" hard drive to standard 3.5" IDE Hard Drive adpater and hard drive mounting rails $12.00 1
PCI-x: Power adapter to convert 4 pin Molex from power supply to 6 pin power for certain video cards. $8.00 4
PCI-x: Power adapter to convert 6 pin Video from power supply to 6+2 pin (male) power for certain video cards. 5" long. $12.00 1
Power: 4 pin female to 8 pin male power adapter. Convert 4 pin power supply connector to 8 pin motherboard power connector. $9.00 4
Power: 4 pin Molex & 4 Pin ATX power to 8 pin male ATX power adapter. Convert old style power supply using Molex & 4 pin to connect to 8 pin motherboard power connector. $10.00 1
Power: 8 pin Male to 8 pin Female power extension cable. Extend 8 pin power connector from power supply. 12" length $9.00 1
PS2: 9 pin Serial (male) to PS2 (male) adapter for non-Microsoft mice. $3.00 4
PS2: USB female to PS/2 male Adapter $5.00 1
SATA: 10" Extension, Male to Female. $12.00 1
SATA: Power & Data Male combo connector to Power & Data, 12". Female to Female connector. $15.00 1
SATA: Micro SATA to SATA adapter with Power. Connect SATA 1.8" micro hard drive to regular SATA connector. $15.00 2
SATA: Power & Data Male combo connector to Power & Data Female connector, 12". Useful to extend data & power outside of a case. $15.00 2
SATA: SATA angled power splitter. Connect one end to a SATA connector on the power supply which allows two 45 degree angled connectors to plug in a hard drive or optical drive. 16" long. $14.00 1
SATA: SATA Female to 4 pin Molex male adapter $9.00 3
SATA: SATA Male splits into one SATA Female & one 4 pin molex Male connector. $10.00 0
SATA: SATA Male to Dual Molex Male Converter. Useful to convert a SATA connector on a power supply to provide two 4pin Molex connectors for IDE devices. $10.00 2
SATA: SATA to Micro SATA, 20" cable, includes 4 pin molex to provide power. Used to connect a Micro SATA device like a 1.8" Hard Drive to a full-size SATA connector on mainboard. $15.00 2
SATA: SATA to Slim SATA. Useful to connect a SATA laptop optical drive to a standard SATA data & SATA power. 6" long. $15.00 0
SATA: Slim SATA to SATA, includes power. Useful to connect a SATA laptop optical drive to a standard SATA data & 4 pin molex power connector. 12" long. $15.00 2
Serial: 25 Pin Female Serial adapter to 9 Pin Male. $5.00 2
Serial: 9 pin Serial (m) to 10 Pin motherboard header, 16" cable $10.00 1
SLI: Bridge two video cards (for NVIDIA supported graphics cards) in SLI mode. $10.00 5
Splitter: 4 Pin Fan Splitter Cable, 6" long. Allows splitting a 3 or 4 pin power connector to hook up to three fans. $10.00 2
Splitter: 5.25 female to two 5.25 male power connectors $5.00 2
Splitter: Serial ATA power splitter, split ONE SATA power connector into TWO SATA power connectors $10.00 3
S-Video: Svideo female to RCA male adapter $10.00 3
S-Video: Svideo male to RCA female adapter $12.00 3
Toslink: Digital Audio Coupler. Allows connecting two TOSLINK cables. $8.00 1
VGA: Split one VGA (male) signal to two VGA (female) monitors. Useful to show exact same image on two monitors. 1 Ft in length. $18.00 1
VGA: This converter cable that will convert a VGA computer display signal into a composite (Yellow RCA) and/or S-video TV display signal. May not work with all computers as video on computer must support TV output. $15.00 1
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